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Mission Statement

PilatesSOL® is a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program dedicated to providing high-quality instruction and mentorship for apprentices who seek a well-rounded education in both the classical and contemporary Pilates methodologies. We intend to produce knowledgeable and skilled instructors who will contribute to growth and development of the Pilates movement.
The Program

PilatesSOL Teacher Training program is designed to provide students with a path to becoming a well rounded instructor in less than a year! With elements of both Contemporary and Classical students will be ready to teach at any type of studio. Through workshops the education can even continue for many years to come and be an invaluable asset in their teacher training toolbox. 

Our Master Instructors

PilatesSOL was created by Dawn King and Cassandra Janssen. Between the two of them a combined total of over 20 years of both Classical and Contemporary experience. Dawn King is also the owner of Sun Pilates Studio located in Colorado Springs, CO!

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