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Already start a training program but need a certain piece of equipment or a new place to complete your certification? Good news! You can do that with PilatesSOL!


How it works:

We will need documentation of the education you have completed so far. If you have taken a weekend we will need to see your log showing your hours. If there are less hours than our program requires you will need to complete the missing hours. (student teaching, personal practice and observation)


If you only need a certain piece of equipment you can simply pay that fee and come on that date. You will also need to complete the hours associated with that weekend. See Upcoming Schedule for dates. See Prices for a breakdown of the the cost for each segment.  

If you need to complete a certification you will need to take any segments you have not completed yet through another program. Once all segments are completed you can pay the test out fee and take our written and practical exams in order to become PilatesSOL Comprehensive, Equipment, or Mat Certified and receive your official certificate. 

If the program you have started does not follow the classical style and order you may want to re-take or study our materials in order to be able to pass the exams. You can purchase the manual if you do not feel you need an entire weekend but need study material. Contact for information on manual costs and to arrange mailing or pickup.

Mat - $1,500

Level 1 Reformer - $1,000

Level 2 Reformer - $1,000

Level 3 Reformer - $1,000

Ladder Barrel & Spine Corrector - $500

Cadillac - $500

Chair - $500

Test out for each segment individually is $75 per test out.
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